January 12, 2018 laurelglenbible

5 Phone Apps to help your daily walk!

Cell phones are really amazing devices. It’s almost surreal to think that in your average person’s pocket is a mobile computer over a thousand times more powerful than that which first sent man to the moon. And what do we do with that tiny super-computer? Well, we look at funny cat pictures, share photos of our dinner, and text our spouse to see what they want for dinner.

If we can be honest, most cell phones are mostly used for wasting time. But what if we could use cell phones to grow closer to God? I’ve asked around the office and scoured the web to find several phone apps that can help you in your daily walk.

Before I begin, I want to give the disclaimer that apps are like tools. There’s no tool you can buy that will replace your car tire for you – but there are tools that make the job easier or faster. Spiritual disciples still take discipline, commitment, and perseverance. However, it is my hope that you might find some tools here that will help you to redeem some of your downtime to growing in Christlikeness.

App Square#1 The LBC app – yes, you’re probably reading this article on the LBC app right now, but I would be remiss to mention our home church app which has tons of awesome features. Every Tuesday at Life Group, I’m using the LBC app to look at the weekly study questions from the bulletin, because I invariably lost the paper copy sometime Sunday afternoon. My wife is a nurse, so she occasionally has to work on Sunday – she can catch up to the discussion by watching the sermon before group. I do my scheduled giving through the app and the calendar is really handy too! If you haven’t yet, take some time to explore the LBC app to see what all it does.




maxresdefault#2 Read Scripture – this app is great for seekers, new believers, youth, or really anyone who wants to read through the Bible but needs a place to start. What I love about Read Scripture is that it is divided up into manageable daily chunks that take about 15 minutes to complete, and it has videos by the Bible Project that help you to understand the context of the book you’re reading. This reading program is designed to give you God’s story of creation, fall, and redemption in one wholistic arc. The Bible Project videos are beautifully animated, easy to understand, and are great for keeping you engaged in the story.


GQ-OG-image#3 Got Questions – If you don’t know what Got Questions is, you’re missing out! If I ever have a hard question about the Bible, Got Questions is one of the first resources I turn to. It has hundreds of answers to questions on a variety of topics from creationism to salvation. What I like about Got Questions is that the answers are succinct and easy to read, but the authors will include resources that you can check out if you’re interested in researching the topic more in-depth. The Got Questions app allows you to have hundreds of questions on your phone even without internet, and it can organize questions by topic if you are just looking to read about something in your downtime.


customLogo#4 Bible Memory: Remember Me – I have tried a couple Bible verse memorization apps, but this is my favorite so far. I won’t go into why it is so important to memorize scripture, but if you have any doubts, you can check out a good article on the topic HERE. This app is great, because it gives you a number of different devices for memorizing including flashcards, games for quizzing yourself, and the ability to hear it read back to you.


PrayermateWeb#5 PrayerMate – Confession time: I get prayer requests all the time and have every intention of praying for them, but I don’t. I get distracted and forget frequently. This is where PrayerMate shines. You can create prayer cards for small group members requests, for your family, and even for psalms or other verses you want to pray through. PrayerMate lets you schedule reminders to pray at specific times to help you get into the habit of a daily prayer time. PrayerMate comes with its own prayer cards too that update daily with prayer requests from missionaries around the world, and it has a default prayer card for the Lord’s Prayer. Lastly, there can be prayer requests that can be pretty sensitive. PrayerMate allows you to password protect it to keep those prayer requests private.

I hope this list helps you in your continued spiritual growth and sanctification this year. If you have any apps you enjoy that didn’t make this list, feel free to share them with me at Nathan@laurelglen.org. I’d love to hear about any tools you have that have helped you in your journey to worship God in your life.

Nathan, Pastoral Intern