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Mission Possible

February 24 & 25, 2018

Mission Possible is a two-day conference at LBC with four major sessions filled with our own missionaries from around the world.

Session 1 – “Dessert First”

Saturday, February 24, 7pm

We’ll kick it all off hearing our LBC Missionaries as they share on hot button topics. Free childcare through 2nd grade, and a progressive dessert in 3 locations around campus. Look for childcare sign-ups in the courtyard on Sundays!

Session 2 – “Radical Faith”

Sunday, February 25, 8:45am

Featuring teaching from our worship director John Harrell on having “Radical Faith,” and a variety of special testimonies of what God is doing in South Sudan, Thailand, Uganda and with Refugees through ordinary people.

Session 3 – “Upside Down”

Sunday, February 25, 10:30am

Featuring teaching from LBC missionary Darryl Bowe on living life “Upside Down,” a challenge from Pastor Eric for the next year and the presentation of new missionaries willing to give up everything to live counter-culturally.

Session 4 – “Just Lunch”

Sunday, February 25, noon, activity center

Stick around after the conference for a FREE lunch! It really is just lunch. Pick up your tickets in the courtyard on Sunday mornings.