God wants us to grow spiritually. One of the best places to grow spiritually is with a Small Group. LBC Small Groups focus on friendships, learning God’s word together, and prayer. We have three types of Small Groups for you to choose from: Life Groups, Men’s Groups, and Women’s Groups.


Life Groups

Life Groups meet once a week in someone’s home (a couple are at the church). Life Groups are a great place to get to know other believers and to share what God is teaching you in his word. These groups study the Scriptures the pastor teaches from on Sunday mornings. Life Groups include both men and women together. Click HERE to get signed up for a Life Group.


Men’s Groups

These are called P215 Men’s Groups based on the name of our men’s ministry, which is called P215. Each men’s group includes 5 to 10 men. Each group choses what Scriptures they will read and study together each week.  We have men’s groups on various days at 6:00 am and Men’s Groups in the evenings. Click HERE to learn more about LBC Men’s Ministry and to sign up for a Men’s Group.


Women’s Groups

These are called Women’s Bible Studies. These are a great place to get to know other women, build relationships, grow in your walk with the Lord, and get to know his word. For more information about Women’s Ministry and to sign up for a Women’s Bible Studies, click HERE.


A place in a Small Group is waiting for you… get started today!