We send out teams all over the world every summer. Read below and consider how you are called to be involved, whether it’s joining a team, financially supporting a team, or being an informed prayer supporter. For more information on all things missions, contact our missions director, Rille Pinault.

2018 Summer Missions Teams

LBC is sending out four teams this summer: Romania, Kenya, India and Haiti (Deaf Church team). And we need you to go! Talk to our team leaders in the courtyard on Sunday Mornings in February or email Rille anytime for more information. Applications are online (below) or in the courtyard and are due March 1! This is a chance to see God work around the world and be part of what He’s doing to reach the ends of the earth.

Summer  Teams Info Pages AND Application – Click HERE

Haiti Team Application – Click HERE

Other Helpful Links

Download the Generic Application HERE. If you are going on a non-LBC missions trip and want to be considered for support.

2017 Summer Missions Report Video – Click HERE

2016 Summer Mission Report Video – Click HERE

2015 Summer Mission Report Video – Click HERE